Itololo Female Ward – Tanzania

The Foundation is currently developing plans with a Passionist Father in Tanzania to work with a hospital in the remote and poor town of Itololo in the Kondoa district of the Dodoma Region of Tanzania to build a new women’s ward.

Passionist Father Priscus Massawe, who studied English and Business Administration in Australia whilst living with the Passionist Community in Melbourne, recently returned to Tanzania.

There he learned of the plight of women and their infants in the Itololo area who are dying due to the lack of basic obstetric services.

Referral hospitals which can better manage obstetrics are far away and accessing them in a timely manner is difficult due to extremely poor road conditions.

A group of people based in Melbourne who grew to know and respect Fr Priscus are ready to commence a fundraising campaign to assist in the building of a women’s ward at Itololo Hospital.